Multi Branch Complex Looms and Harnesses  

Multi Branch Complex Looms and Harnesses

Highly complex looms & cable harnesses with multiple branches, such as Automotive Engine Management Looms, Control Looms for Medical or Scientific Equipment or Power & Control Harnesses for Equipment Manufacturers, are manufactured to the highest quality standards by our dedicated and experienced production team.

Comprehensive Works Instructions & Operating Procedures are produced by our Engineering Department to provide our highly skilled assembly staff with all the relevant information necessary to ensure every part of these complex cable assemblies are produced to the high quality standards you expect.

In-Process Inspection & Verification is performed by our Quality Control staff during the manufacture of each cable loom or cable harness.

Final Inspection includes electrical testing using Cirrus Harness Testing Equipment.

Visual Inspection is performed to ensure the completed cable assembly meets your Final Build Standards providing you with a reliable & robust product.