Interconnect Harnesses  

Interconnect Harnesses

Interconnect cable harnesses can be made for board to board and board to panel applications.

Individual wires are cut and crimped on our Artos MTX-5 cable preparation equipment, or multi-core cables are processed using our Crimp Bench Presses.

We use integrated Crimp Force Analysers which monitor each terminal applied to ensure your products are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Once inserted into housings these assemblies are ready for easy connection onto your PCB connectors.

For applications which require direct soldering to your PCB we offer a range of single circuit or multiple connector board-in crimp style solutions. Multiple connector style solutions can be offered in both vertical and right angled/side-in variations.

Interconnect Harnesses                     Interconnect Harnesses

All assembly work is performed by our highly skilled and trained staff. Cable Harnesses can be finished with sleeving, braid or harness tape to provide a robust and complete solution.

A Final Visual inspection of completed cable assemblies is performed by our dedicated Quality Control staff and where appropriate products are electrically tested using our Cable Harness Test Equipment.