Mecal Crimper

Crimping Presses.

For cable which cannot be crimped automatically and once preparation work has been completed we use our semi-automatic Mecal, Gamma, Kirsten & Takbro Presses to apply un-insulated and pre-insulated terminals.

Our Kirsten Stripper Crimper, Mecal TT & Gamma Presses also include crimp force monitoring which automatically monitors and checks the crimp forces used for every terminal applied. This information helps to ensure that the quality of the crimping process is maintained from the beginning to the end of each batch of terminals applied. Any defect crimps are separated and removed from the rest of the batch to prevent progression through the manufacturing process.

For large gauge wire or loose piece terminals we use our EM6B2 & EC65 Power Crimpers and any Bootlace Ferrules are applied using our semi-automatic MC25 Max-Crimp crimper.

Operating these machines for large or repeat orders allows us to procure large quantities of terminals on reels, helping to reduce the overall material costs for your products, savings which we are able to pass on to you.

We also hold a large range of applicator tooling for use with a wide range of terminals and connector styles including Hirose, ITT, JAE, JST, Molex, Takbro and Tyco. For small and prototype batches we hold an extensive range of hand-tools for a wide range of terminal styles.

All Crimping operations are considered a critical assembly stage and are subject to an inspection by Quality Control Staff before progressing onto the next assembly operation.

Applicator Tooling List.