Applicator Tooling. 

Convert Ltd holds a wide range of applicator tooling for use in our Crimp Presses to terminate a wide range of crimp terminals. For guide purposes we have listed below the types of crimp terminals that we hold applicator tooling for.

This is not a comprehensive list because we are always happy to invest in new applicators to suit our customer requirements . If the crimp type you require is not on this list please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We also stock a range of hand crimping tools: Hand Crimping Tool List.


Manufacturer Manufacturer Description   Manufacturer Manufacturer Description
Cinch Modice Series   MTA MTA Fuse Holder Crimp
Delphi Ducon 6.3 Series   Multicomp Multicomp 226TG Series.
GT 150 Series   Takbro Protape Series
Deutsch Size 20 Common Contact Series     Takbro In Line Splices
Hirose DF3 Series   Tyco TE .058 Receptacle
DF13 Series   TE .062 Multimate III Series
DF14 Series   TE .070 Multilock
ITT Trident T2P Series   TE .070 Sealed Sensor Series
JAE DR Series   TE .110 Series
MX19 Series   TE .187 Series
JST JWPF Series   TE .187 Ultra Fast Series
RA Series   TE .250 Series
JSAN Series   TE .250 Ultra Fast Series
SHE Series   AMP MODU II Series
SHF Series   AMP MODU V Series
SHR Series   TE Ampseal Series
SIN Series   TE Commercial Mate-N-Lok
SLF Series   TE CST 100 series
SMF Series   TE Econoseal
SPA Series   TE EI Series
SPH Series   TE FFC Pin

SPHD Series

  TE Junior Power Timer
SRB Series   TE MCP 2.8 & 1.6 Series
STI Series   TE Micro Mate-N-Lok
STO Series   TE Mini Universal Mate-N-Lok
SVH Series   TE MQS Series
SWPJ Series   TE MR Series
SXA Series   TE Multilock 0.25 Series

SXH Series

  TE Posi Lock Series

SYM Series

  TE Size 20 DF Series
SZH Series   TE Timer Series
Molex 35021 Series   TE Uninsulated Rings
35403 Series   TE Universal Mate-N-Lok
C-Grid III Series   TE Universal Power Series
C-Grid III, 90119 Series   Yazaki Yazaki 2.3II Series
CMC CP 64322 Series   Yazaki Kaizen Series
Duraclick Series   Yazaki RH Series
Molex KK 254, 2759 series      
Molex KK 254, 4809 series      
Molex KK 396, 2478 series      
Microfit 3.0, 43030 & 43031  Series      
Milli Grid Series      
Mini Fit Junior 5556 Series      
Mini Fit Junior 5558 Series      
Picoblade 50079 Series      
SL 70058 C Grid Series